Application Agent not running

Windows xp3 fully patched, Avast Av

Not CiIS is initializing (for a long time) then
Application agent is not running
Diagnostics repairs something
reboot- yellow mark goes away
eventually yellow mark returns
next boot repeats
cmdagent is running cmdagent.exe why?

Comodo is up to date
MBAM full scan clean
Avast updater not working

other issues
Google chrome google update wants to access the intenret- I’m going to remove
previously Mcaffee system checker got installed- it would also crash Comodo when trying to “phone home”
ditto a while ago with their “site checker”
running SAS scan later today

saw the other app agent thread and will follow
SAS negative except for some tracking cookies
still unclear about avast update not running
when it initializes cfp runs for an extended period
Avast updater is hanging at around 16% cpu usage
update is working fine on windows 7 machines

set up firewall per instructions in other thread
ran pc flank
visible ports 21, 23, 80, 137, 138, 1080, 3128
visible ports 27374, 12345, 1243, 31337, 12348

What other thread?

Links, people… LINKS!

But, more importantly, this “application agent is not running” thing is continuing. I’ve got the absolutely latest and most up-to-date CIS (as of this date), and here I find a threat from almost a year ago complaining of the problem.

When is this going to get fixed?