Application Agent not running?

This has been bugging me ever since I installed COMODO and I’m just wondering what is application agent and why does it keep saying it is not running. I mean honestly it tells me to run diagnostics to fix but it just tells me that it cannot fix it and just now recently it told me that it is fine, I had to reinstall COMODO just to get it to stop saying that application agent is not running and when/if I get a Blue Screen of Death it will tell me that after the restart and even if I just restart it it tells me that! I could really use some help please.

Is There Anyother Security Softwares Installed On Your System ?


Will It Be Possible For You To Let Us Know What Are They ?

Well it used to be COMODO, GeSWall, and McAfee but after uninstalling them all with Revo Uninstaller and making sure to delete everything I reinstalled a fresh version of COMODO and it was working fine up til now with the Application Agent not running but it just gave me that after it said their was a product update so i’ll just restart and see if it still tells me that.

Well, seems like it fixed itself ;D.

Happy To Hear, Your Isssue Got Resolved. :slight_smile:

I filled out the registration page as a an invitation only and filled in the code the man that sold me your program at a computer repair shop. THe gode is 9fEc2EA59c and filled in the info you requested and accepted the agreement and clicked on submit but it woukld not bring up the registration page which sends an ID number to my email address to use when contacting live support. If you want to talk to this man his phone number is 985-652-8883 in LaPLace, LA. I need your help as I have tried to submit this several times and get no where to register.
Billy Goodson

What has happened to you is happening to me as well i cant uninstall or reprogram comodo firewall pro i can download anything i want to my pc (but) its blocked by comodo i have pc shops telling me i need to replace my hardrive costly cuase of comodo firewall my security on pc says its not running i cant download any virus protector or chat clients nothing nothing i have my self sick trying to fix this problems with my pc comodo wont let me reprogram it wont let me run any thing on my pc i did one time had to repprogram it cant no more now im afraid to unistall it completely haveing viruses on my pc now cause of comodo firewall pro thank to that its is going to cost me costly to fix it !!! Comodo i do not recomomend to use it especailly if your new to this u have to go in a reinstall your hardrive sorry to have to tell u this!

Please don’t post with CAPS, seek-help its like shouting and that is rude.

Try Windows in Safe Mode.

You should be able to uninstall CIS in safe mode.