Application agent not running

A message tells me this and invites me to run diagnostics to fix it. But diagnostics tells me everything is OK. So I go away with a red circle over the Comodo icon. What can I do?

Personally, I would uninstall, reboot, and do a clean install.

I’ve got the same problem here (Application agent not running)
Vista sp2 32bit

reinstalled a half dozens times.
cleaned everything out same number of times
used “.bat” file to clean same number of times
diagontics doesn’t find anything.

spent 2 hours reading this forum and I found myself reading statements from “2007”? way before this software was ever written.

You can’t tell me this isn’t a problem no one else has encountered. I’ve got it running on 64 bit.

I’ve got to go back to zonealarm.

I’ve only got a Vista x64. Saw this once from a bad install. A clean re-install resolved it for me.