Application Agent not running

Looking for some help with the Firewall. All of the sudden I am getting a warning that the Comodo Application Agent is not running. I’m prompted to run the diagnostic tool, and when I do, it comes back saying there are no issues with the installation.

Right before this occurred, I changed my bluetooth drivers so I could use bt to sync my blackberry. Any suggestions on how to get it running?

I have faced a similar issues myself … with CIS ver as late as 3.8.65951.477 (issues may not be version specifi though):

  1. There have been cases where i have got a warning that the app agent is not running / diag reveals no problems.
  2. Also had cases where the CIS program did not start at all along with windows xp startup. Have manually added cis to the Programs>startup menu to avoid the second issue.

However the first issue is on two counts - 1. why does the agent stop running 2. The diag seems to be out of date wrt to the possible issues to be detected.

Hello, and Welcome.

I would uninstall and do a clean install…

This may because when you changed the bluetooth driver.