Application Agent not running

It’s not really a new topic, but I didn’t find an answer for me in the messagebase.

Istalled CIS under Vista 32, the icon in the taskbar shows that the application manager is not running. It might be cause by two other security problems I’m running, which are RegClean and WinPatrol Plus. Especially RegClean might be a reason… first the CIS-icon was the grey shield only, then, after RegClean started, it got the red circle.
Now, I don’t want to remove RegClean, but how can I get CIS to work together with those other programs? I already put them in the ‘Protected files’ and the ‘my own safe files’, but that didn’t help.

I’m having the same problem with it on my Windows XP SP3 machine and the comodo applicant agent is not running and it said to run Diagnotics and when you run diagnotics, it reports nothing is wrong with my installation files. So can I get some help for this problem?

Regclean is registry cleaner I understand from a Google search. That is not a likely suspect. Winpatrol Plus is much more a suspect.

I have only briefly used Winpatrol Free in the past. Is W+ capable of blocking program from starting up? Make sure cfp.exe is allowed to run. Also make sure the folllowing Comodo services are allowed to run:

Does this help?