Apple Safari for Windows

Apple have released their Safari browser for beta testing for Windows XP and Vista users:

What do you think? Will you switch?

Yes - and I managed to get the QuickTime version :-[

Gave it a try, decided that it was slow, cluncky, clumsy (had to use keboard and even 2 hands!) so removed it. After unistallation and reboot, then used TotalUninstall and took out about 1300 files and Reg. entries.
With Opera classic installer, it’s possible to extract to a directory and run without installation - much more civlized.


Firefox Forever! :BNC

Just been looking at the comments on Opera Watch. Some one posted this link re [in]security in Safari:


Wow, I hadn’t took much notice of the size! I’ll definatley stick to FireFox. :wink:

2 hours? that’s pretty quick!

I downloaded and tried it a few days ago, I didn’t care for it, I will stick to Firefox, maybe it will be better in the future, but they have a lot of work to do.

I tried it on two different computers and I can’t even touch the bookmarks button, because Safari crashes (:SAD)

Well, at my work we use iMacs and Mac Pro’s and we have a lot of Apple fans, but almost everybody is surfing with Firefox instead of Safari :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Safari has updated to 3.0.3

Much faster and much more stable.

If Apple can properly polish the final version, I’d love to have Apple’s email client on PC as well.

But it is still much s,ower than FF… Besides, it cuts my posts on forums (:AGY)

It’s nice to have another option, let’s see how it goes in the end, but judging by what I hear I’m not touching any beta from them with a ten feet pole for the moment being.