apple and linux

just throwing are idea out there
i don’t how feasible and practical it would be for Comodo

hi melih
how about all of your excellent products for other OSes other than just Windows?

Linux -
i know there are so many distros out there, but how about the popular ones “ubuntu” , “opensuse” , etc.

Apple OS X -
there is not much outthere for this popular and getting extremely popular now OS in terms of online security

i recently got into Linux
i currently have Ubuntu 8.04 “gnome, kde4, xfce” and OpenSuse 11.0 “gnome, kde4” installed as triple boot on previously just a windows xp machine
also recently i “broke” windows xp on my mom’s desktop, could not fix it, so have to reboot it, hopefully that will work, but in a meantime i installed Ubuntu for her, and she likes using it
i have also been wanting to purchase Apple computer and will actually get one by next year

point being people are using these OSes, and i hear and read on web that these OSes are very secure,
yeah, for now,
but they are getting popular, and they are bound to get malware, viruses, keyloggers, all sorts of nasties
unless people would just stop doing that, but i am sure attacks will continue to happen
so users of other OSes also need protection
and since Comodo products are good, excuse me, i apologize, “comodo products are excellent” at providing online security, i was hoping for comodo to jump in and make security products available for Linux and Apple OS X

granted, i don’t really know much about this kind of stuff, may be there are so few viruses, worms, malware for Linux/OS X that it would be not feasible to make anti-products for them
you believe in prevention, zero day protection
so can do firewall, av, anti-malware…

again just throwing the idea out there
did not realize this post became so long
guess was just bored
thanks for listening

I like your idea. Specially Linux. Linux and CFP/CIS would make a great security setup. Just a thought…

For Linux it would be great to see full-featured HIPS (Defense+) and Firewall with outbound protection

edit: it may be better to develop gui for SELinux and AppArmor (both are oss) ???

Yeah. And BSD based OS too :wink:

I hope Melih reserves some Developers for Linux & Apple OS’s, and maybe Win 2000, etc. I like the ideas, If Comodo provides Linux & Apple Support… Comodo will really have TRUST go up… PROFIT go up… and MARKET share go up…

Hope so… :slight_smile:


You can create Snort alternative.

yeah comodo should really develop support linux
cause people are starting to use linux for its simplicity and power

Yeah the only thing that is left is that vendors give the source code for drivers to programmers OR MAKE DRIVERS THEMSELVES!!!

Hi Comodo community. Just out of curiosity i’ ve installed the firewall on XP. Rather i use Ubuntu.I was delighted with the comodo firewall.
I agree. Comodo should similar for linux. Now Linux doesn’t need a full protection (in my opinion), if you know, how to use linux. But in future (not so far), so i think it will be necessary. Therefore push this thread :BNC
I use Ubuntu,mythbuntu and ubuntustudio (3 different pc’s) now for 2 years, but iam not a programmer, therefore i hope the (linux)-commodo code (if there is any code in process) is in future under GNU-license that programmers all over the world kann help the comodo-team to come up with the code. And maybe with language-packs (:WIN)

greetings from northeastern Germany
Sven (first time Comodo-user)

Btw CIS for Linux is better be Open Source :wink:

I wish the same for Windows

I don’t know about apple though, Apple users think their mac is so secure, they don’t need an anti-virus, let alone a firewall. I’d at least wait until more hackers and malware writers target it on a more grand scale.

The opposite. I would like a firewall that gives me more control, than the standart Mac firewall, but I don’t want a realtime antivirus :slight_smile:

Anyway, are there even a single virus in Linux? I haven’t saw one.

There are some, but like 1 or 2 “in the wild” ;D