APPCRASH iexplore.exe guard32.dll with IE9 on VISTA

I upgraded IE to IE9 and have problem: IE send the message in spanish INTERNET DEJO DE FUNCIONAR but continue to work. The detail is:

  • 1000 2 100 0x80000000000000 8909 Application Zambrano1
  • iexplore.exe 9.0.8112.16421 4d76255d guard32.dll 5.9.23139.2195 4eef85d3 c00000fd 0001d1be f60 01ccf1a1c7bcbcbe

Microsft people said that guqrd32.dll is a module used by Comodo Antivirus. I renamed this module and the error disappeared but after a reconnection, Window Firewall prevented me to access domains. I don´t know if this problem is linked with te rename´s action. I renamed again guard32.dll. I can work but the error still appear.
Can You help me, please?

The problem with Windows Firewall is unrelated to the crash caused by guard32.dll. Guard32.dll gets injected into every running process and is meant to lower the amount of alerts D+ will generate.