Apparent CIS / Avast 5 incompatibility

I am running CIS, most recent nonbeta version, on a Win XP, SP3 box, with CIS AV disabled, and Firewall and D+ enabled.

Today I tried installing the new Avast (5.0), and after restarting the computer I get an error message that some of the Avast shields aren’t working. WHen I try to activate these shields from within Avast, I get a BSOD involving aksfridge.sys.

Since CIS (and CTM) were the only security software running when this happened, I presume that this is due to some incompatibility between CIS and Avast 5 - FYI!

Before I tried Avast, I was running Avira (which of course I uninstalled before Avast), and then I encountered no problems whatsoever.

Thanks! (I"m also reporting this at the Avast board).

Do you see alerts under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Alerts regarding Avast?

If that is the case could you post a screenshot of this?

I recently uninstalled CAV due to the current slow scanning and freezing issues and installed Avast5. I have had absolutely no problems so I don’t think there is any inherent incompatibility issue. It’s probably being caused by remnants of Avira. Find the Avira removal tool and run it. This may result in having to reinstall Avast! however.

On a side note. The freezing seems to be solved. There was a fix sent with the av updates to correct an offending generic signature. See my test case topic.


I was running Comodo as Fire wall (the BEST) with Avast AV Free for about a month. Than ALL of a sudden Avast wouldn’t update the Program. (updates for signatures worked)

Checked Comodo said Avast allowed

SO I believed Avast the malfunction so I dnloaded new updated Prgm. 5.0.701 and Uninstalled version 5.0.46? and Regedited Avast clean >Rebooted > Installed new version and ran scan and noticed that “FIX NOW” on the warning not protected. FIX NOW did not work. Nor when I tried to "start WEB SHIELD

So I’ve been at the Avast Forms for 2 days with some others running Comodo and Avast 5+ with the same problems. Web Shield not being able to start!

So I did a few screen shots of Comodo events and need to share them with someone who can see what is wrong.
One event expanded stated . . .“avast.setup” (allow all outgoing tcp traffic to port 80)
Second event expanded stated. . . ICMP Destination. . . Code 0

So is that the “stopper” to Web Shield or Prgm Ugrades?

Thank Comodo for their products!

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OPPS if it helps anyone … running XP home SP 3 1GB RAM

Its been a long while since I sent this issue to “support,” and like here, so far on this issue, no answer or even a guess?

Now I really like Comodo! ;D And CIS!

And I really like CIS even more when it works! Yep!

With 600 views this may be important to some of them?

So rather than give up, here I am again trying to find out if the “issue” was FIXED and if any one knows about . . .

One event expanded stated . . .“avast.setup” (allow all outgoing tcp traffic to port 80)
Second event expanded stated. . . ICMP Destination. . . Code 0

Suppose someone knows why Avast stopped updating and or what a “code 0” might be, or if that is pointing to a problem? ???

Please help?

PS… Yesterday CIS Firewall disappeared from taskbar and also went poof Application Statup List and I had to Reinstall CIS on my PC running Vista Home 64 which is still running Avast 5.0.701. Ran Malwarebytes, Avira scan, nCleaner and no infections. Another topic huh?

ICMP code 0 is Echo Reply.

ICMP code 0 is Echo Reply.

Thank you kingkiwi …
noted… guess that is not the issue … ???

If I could Comodo and Avast support together on development or bugs, than novices like be could just submit the issues / bugs and they could do something … together.


I have CIS4(FW & D+) and Avast! 5 (latest updates on both) both 64-bit versions on WinXP 64-bit and they work OK together, but not the same for WinXP 32-bit, in fact it gives increasing video artifacts that get worse over time and finally give insuficient resources error and a system wide crash.

As you might know I’m a PC tech and I have installed the 32-bit of both on 3 PCs with the same results, I had them updated from CIS 3.8 & Avast! 4.8, and alsmot the same software is being used in these PCs, I’ve updated only CCleaner and other utilities to the latest versions. The only thing that might be resident in memory affecting WinXP, and I don’t think is probable, is PerfectDisk 11 build 170 (latest), has 2 services that try make the background defrag while the system is idle. I have uninstalled CIS4 and the 3 systems seem stable now, I’ll let them like that for a day or 2, but I’ll leave another PC with the Full CIS suite and see what happens.

I always install Avast! first so CIS can recognize it and don’t ask me about the Avast! installer if I do it otherwise.

Meanwhile please COMODO support, contact Avast! support or even better why not COMODO dev team contact Avast! dev team and try to see if anyone reports similar conflicts and perhapos maybe Raxco (makers of PerfectDisk) too.

I’ll report in a couple, cya.

Report1: I know hasn’t been 2 days but I have found out something: Confirmed any of them can work alone fine, 3 I stalled 3 PCs with Avast! 5 and 3 with CIS 4 (complete: FW, D+ & AV). Something similar happened when CIS 3.5 went out. On all PCs aI had CIS 3.8 and Avast! 4.8.

PS: I’m posting this in COMODO and Avast forums.

The latest version of Avast! 5 Free AV is 5.0.545 so how could anybody have 5.0.701?

I am running Avast! 5 free 5.0.545 with Comodo Firewall 4.0 without D+ and there are no problems whatsoever. I did have problems with the HIPS parts of other Firewalls like Pc Tools, Outpost, and Online Armor though. I got lockups on first access of various programs (different ones in each firewall oddly) if both the firewall HIPS and Avast were active. If I disabled Avast!, then firewall rules were created and I could then use the apps with Avast! reactivated. I think Avast! has problems with HIPS based Firewalls in 32 bit XP but they won’t admit it in their forums. They do advise excluding Firewall programs from being scanned by Avast! and also vice versa.

It’s not really a problem for me since I have decided, to get greater ease of use of my machine, not to use any HIPS or sandboxing .

I didn’t fully test it with Comodo with D+ enabled but I did try it and it seemed to be okay.

Hey ya all,

It’s been 20 (TWENTY) Days and NO “support” from “support!”

I’ve been to Avast forums and the same over there. NO support for the people who are supposed to HELP?

I don’t know what to do, exept get rid of one or the other or both?

I’ve been using Aivar with CIS firewall and will do so until Avast and Comodo get their “Stuff” working together, or until one or the other wipes something out with an another “incompatible” update…

Good luck!

Does the following help you :;msg386783#msg386783 ?

You do not need those services. You do not need to risk conflict.

I use Acronis for system backup.
Their “differential” backup is very space efficient at excluding files that have not changed.
Unfortunately a defrag shift and shuffle is a change, so a defrag makes differentials most INefficient.

Therefore before a Patch Tuesday is a good time to start with a Perfect Disk v 11 defrag,
which automatically activates the requisite perfect Disc Service which I set for MANUAL.
After a good defrag then Acronis makes a FULL image,
then I can permit the patches and revert upon disaster.

I have found that 1 month after a defrag a Perfect disc Analyse shows I still have 98% efficiency.