App. whitelisting and few more things ..

It seems it’s not a problem anymore for malware to fake digital signatures, so I’m not sure how whitelisting works in Comodo. I can see trusted Vendors list in new beta altought it’s said that’s in the cloud now. But anyhow, how that exactly works and how is that final verdict reached whether file is trusted or not.
In light of this new malware writers thing with signatures, is Comodo whitelisting safe ?

Second thing is that I think that CIMA is great, almost everything that was found by Comodo AV I uploaded to CIMA and report stated that those files are Undetected. Which I perfectly new it was gonna happen cause I new it was FP’s.
But, bad thing about CIMA is that it doesn’t remember files that are already analyzed, which is a shame, it can be easily done by hash of file that was sent.
Anyhow, I would really love to see CIMA incorporated in CIS somehow.

It’s connected to CIS, Defense+, Settings, Image Execution

“Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files”

I’d also like to see a local version of it with rules that can be updated via virus database updates.
So you don’t have to stryctly rely on online CIMA, but you can have local one as well.
For offline operations or cleaning of heavily infected systems.

it will be later on, that is what melih said. They are now working at getting it working in the cloud and later a local behavior blocker will be implemented.