App Rules

Could someone please review these for me. Comodo has set these auto, and just want to know whether or not they are properly set. I’m wired up to a modem - stand alone pc - no wireless or file sharing.

two split pics below

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You can make most programs outgoing only as they usually only need to ask information from the web.

Make sure browsers and media players get the Web Browser policy and email clients get the Email client Policy. You can leave the rules for System and svchost.exe like they are.

Does your modem have a router built in?

no, its a scientific atlanta 2100.

i changed mozilla and IE to what you said, heres a screenshot. does it matter that svchost and system are not at the top?

theres also a screenshot of my loopback,

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As far as I know there is no need for system and svchost to be on top of the list. It won’t hurt if you place them there either.

Your loopback network configuration is according to the standards

For IPv4 communications, the virtual loopback interface of a computer system is normally assigned the address with subnet mask

Source: localhost - Wikipedia

ok, again, thank you mate

sorry to be a pain, is there an installer software that can test for security flaws? i’ve done a nod32 sys report and sent it off but i’ve had no reply regarding false positives. i’ve run, corrected then uninstalled tuneup 2010, advanced system optimizer 3 & systweak advanced vista optimizer 3.5 although i didn’t change anything in systweak as the options wasn’t as clear as i thought they would be.

You can try Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI). That tool looks for outdated versions of programs on your computer.