app rules failed block traffic


I set the rules to block all IP traffic In or Out for a particular program but it still able to access internet.

I tried FW in Safe mode and Custom Ruleset, no difference.

CIS version 6.1.276867.2813

Please help thank you.

Well, your post says:
All set fine.

But as the effect is different, you left something out.

You need to use custom mode to make your own rule sets.
And rules are allways valid from top first, to bottom last.
If something is allowed on top, you cant block it with a rule below.

Thank you CW.

Let me make it clear I’m using Custom Ruleset and have only one rule for the app which is block any IP in/out.

I’m quite interested in what was wrong as it should be a very simple setting.

Is there any diagnostic tool to check and uploading log?

As i dont know which program is meant,
try the same rule for another program.

If the same rule works with that program,
move the rule set of the originally meant program on top of the rules set.

If the block works then, one of the rules below had allowed the connection on its own (backpack connection).

Tell us the result.

Note: Dont forget to press ok buttons.

Thank you CW.

In fact this is the 2nd app that cant be blocked.

First one is a freeware I dont want it access internet so dont see any ads, this was the case when I with Zonealarm. But for other issues I removed ZA completly by uninstall and running removal tool.

Second one is leaktest.exe, it always penetrate FW.

And yes I clicked OK after every change.

After I remove ZA windows FW didnt work properly so I guess this may the culprit of this issue?

And I found base filtering engine is not able to run due to access denied, some BFE reg to download online but all of them are for Win7, do you know if I can use it for Win 8?

I wish I didnt cloud the issue.

Edit: I just finished running MS safety scanner (quick scan) and no issue was found


I think the problem is resolved. I’d like to share what I’ve done.

As I suspected its related to Windows services not functioning.

I download Windows8 BFE (base filtering engine ) registry from here:

create restore point and import the reg then restart.

However there is “access denied” error when run BFE in “Services”, then I follow the instructions to grant BFE account some privileges here:

Then BFE service started. Then both apps are blocked by Comodo FW as expected.

However Windows Firewall still not able to start with NO error code, I just leave it there as I think CIS disable it, right?

Eidt: I downloaded BFE registry because mine missing a sub key: policy.

It is possible to have Windows Firewall running alongside CIS without a problem. I know because the CIS installer would not always disable Windows Firewall. So, if you are having a problem with Windows Firewall I am inclined to think that there is a problem with your Windows installation similar to the problem you had with BFE service.

Thank you Eric.

I tweaked registry and now windows FW works.