App Report Question


Just want to check how this works and if this is working as expected. For example, I have the “BBC Weather” app installed and the “Access Location” feature is set to “Ask”. When I run the BBC Weather app, the message “BBC Weather Access Location” appears at the top. At this point, I have not been prompted (to allow/deny) and going by the message, it seems that this feature has been allowed to run.

What I’m saying, is “Ask” really an “Alert” and was my location permitted?


As far as I’m aware this feature only works for rooted phones with the protection enabled. Is your phone rooted? Have you tested it out with similar apps?


Anything having to do with the firewall requires root access.
If you don’t have root, maybe it should not be available to users, thus avoiding confusion?

Yes, my phone is rooted. A few other apps with the same feature didn’t even alert me when run. I should note, I’m running a custom rom (hence the rooted phone) so that may be the problem.