App Lock captures total black images

First thank you for this free app.

I suppose App Lock should capture the image of the person who fails to draw the pattern 3 or more times. However, when I tried it I got total black images.

My phone: Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A3000
Android version: 5.0.2
App Lock version: 3.2.2302

By the way, I use App Lock to secure my camera.

Thank you very much.

Our team trying to solve this problem but this issue caused by device manufacturer. Anyway we ar trying to find out solution again.


I’ve not experienced this issue myself. Do you have a front facing camera? Have you tried unlocking your camera with Applock? Have you granted applock all of the options in your App Permision Management? It may be that your getting prompted in the background to allow applock to use the camera so I would check those settings first. DO you have the same issue with the Anti-theft app?


Although I have switched to another similar app I still would like to provide more information.

Does it have a front facing camera? Yes, it has.
Did I grant all the permissions? Yes, I granted all the permissions for which my system provides me an option.
I tried not to protect my camera with App Lock(3.3.2504), no luck.
I do not use Comodo Anti Theft so I can not provide futher information.

Still, thank you very much!

Thanks for your feedback. Actually we found that Camera problem caused by device manufacturer. Because it is not happen for all models. We have seen this problem for samsung device Android 5.0 devices. So we are still wroking on to solve this issue.


htc device here with the same problem :-X

Could you provide more information about your device model name and android version