App Gaurd

can CIS perform the functionality of Appguard that can be turned on and off which doesn’t let any new things be installed including malware. if so, great. if not i think it would be a great addition to CIS so i can lock down my family memebers computers without having to restart computers for changes to go away like programs such as returnil, deep freeze etc

Try automatic sandboxing in cooperation with parental controls locking down all alerts.

it would still allow whitelisted programs to be installed and my family tends to install trusted programs that they don’t need and tend to install poor ones that are bloated or redundant. they don’t know how to hunt and find the program that best does what they need done

Why not set them up on a limited user account?

Edit: On the operating system…

wow i didn’t think of that lol. i’ll have to look up how to do it. you can actually prevent them from installing anything and still have them receive updates to their current programs by doing this?