App Blocked - PopUps appear under each other and acc. click on them

Comodo has really annoyed me today >:-D lol

there is a BUG the comodo need to sort out… what is that bug? pop-up alerts appearing just as your about too click on one thats already there… I got a “this program has been sandboxed” alert… I went to click “dont isolate again” and another warning appeared and i ended up clicking BLOCK on that warning before I could even read what IT was… now my program will not work, its screenhunter and only saves black squares, even restarted the app and still same, uninstall wont work as cant read the log, sounds like whole INSTAL was isolated or blocked in some way…there are loads of instrusion attempts blocked and all screenhunter install processes I think

comodo need to take measures so that if a mouse appears over a current alert then all others should be suspended until the user has selected an option from first alert and still there should be a 500-1000ms gap between them to ensure both dont get clicked on.

how do I reverse this mess?

EDIT: sorted it after much searching I managed to remove the app from computer security policy under ‘defense+’