Apoint.exe trying to modify cfp.exe. Won't let me refuse.

For no apparent reason I have started to get a run of incidents when Comodo puts up an alert saying, "Apoint.exe is trying to modify the user interface of cfp.exe. What would you like to do?’ Well, I’d like to block the request: but I can’t. The display is stuck on ‘Allow’ and I’m not risking confirming that. But it is impossible to close the alert window. I can open up the Task Manager: but cannot end the task or initiate a shut-down. My only remedy has been a hard reset.

The problem sounds similar to one reported a couple of years ago with some windows XP updates (I am running XP): but the problem has only started recently and the computer has been running fine for years. I’m also suspicious in that I appear to have 2 copies of Apoint.exe on my system. One is in a directory Apoint2k, and the other is in Toshiba/Touchpad Driver/Alps. They look the same, and I have submitted both for analysis: but the only message I have received to date is that they have been submitted.

Why would Apoint.exe suddenly want to modify cfp,exe anyway?