1. (L) It’s really cool!

  2. Can I use Comodo fw for allows some nets and for block all others IPs? Yes, I can. :slight_smile:

Every day I can get new list with IPs, which I must allowed.
How I can clear old rules and create new rules automatically?

For example, write simple script, please,

  • how to clear top (ID 0-1) 2 rules
  • add 3 new rules on top (ID 0-2): allow all traffic for, and
  • old rule with ID 2 should be now ID 3 or will be two rules with ID 2.


Do you want a script to change the settings in COMODO?
All of those Ip’s in that text file would be considered dodgy (Russain sites ??)
If you only want a certain list of IP’s, edit the rule that allows communications out, to the appropriate IP addresses instead of “Any”.

If you want a script to be written IMO you are going to have to be 100% clear as to what you want, let alone let anyone here decide whether it is possible.

cheers, rotty

I have my 1U sever on colocation in Corbina (Moscow) datacenter. I pay $45/month for colocation (All Russian and non Russian Out traffic is free, Russian In traffic is free too and $20/for-every-Gb-of-non-Russian-In-traffic).
So, I’d like to block all In non Russian traffic to my server or I’ll pay big sum every month to my provider.

Script should every 24 hours make first 0-1233 rules (number may changed) and change ID for rules after them (1234-1238).

So may be comodo makes fw-config.exe version with API for easy

  • creation new network rules
  • changing id
  • clear rules
  • another functions

Yes, I know, script can go to registery and manually create, change or del keys, but it is not bug-free solution. Becides, Comodo can change structure in new versions…

0. Allow all In traffic for (russian net)

  1. Allow all In traffic for (russtian net)

  2. Allow all In traffic for (russian net)

  3. bla-bla-bla
    … bla-bla-bla

  4. bla-bla-bla

  5. Allow all In traffic for comodo-update-IP (for comodo firewall updates)

  6. Allow 21, 25, 53, 80, [my-radmin-port] ports

  7. Deny 135,139 and 445 port

  8. Deny all In traffic for all IPs

  9. Allow all In/Out traffic for all IPs

You really need a server firewall app or router for this

COMODO really are aimed at the end users, not servers as far as i know.

We’ll see what the official response is.

cheers, rotty