API for Firewall


first of all, for it is my fist post here, two thumb up for your firewall! (:CLP)

but now my suggestion/question/wish:
I’m developing software and am very keen on a secure home environment. At the moment I do combine a personal firewall in addition to a Linux packet firewall on my gateway. I would like to automate the Linux packet firewall by an application, running on third system doing nothing but setting up firewall rules and requests. To avoid coding a own personal firewall I would like to use a firewall like your’s, but I would need a Application Programming Interface / COM Interface to the Comodo Firewall to get notified about:

  • new connection request, waiting for an answere or the advice to ask the user
  • connection state changes

For sure, where should be an security option in the firewall to enable/disable this interface for a specific application.

Are you planning/thinking about enhancing your firewall with an API? Is it somehow possible that you will add this into your software?

Thanks anyway and keep up this good work.

Good idea!