apache 2.2 blocked by comodo anti-virus

comodo anti-virus block apache 2.2.
When I launch apache, it’s startted - ok, and i type localhost, or ip adress in browser, i wait and nothing…
Why, thanks.

(sorry for my english)

Do you have Comodo’s firewall installed as well? It, by default, blocks local loopback connections.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I do have this problem, too.
Thing is Apache does not really start up completely, it just eats up my CPU with the exe that contains the worker threads.
I tried the following things
-added a rule allowing all localhost connections
-shut down my internet and disabled the firewall completely
-shut down the antivirus and killing all of it’s remaining processes that I know of
but it’s still the same.
Didn’t have the trouble before I installed the Firewall & Antivir.
I de-install the Antivirus now and tomorrow I’ll check if it helps.

Thesis confirmed, after booting today, apache started up smoothly accepting client connections again.

The same here…apache stops working after installing COMODO firewall and antivirus…

Any help?

yes, found it here on the forum in a different thread: add “Win32DisableAcceptEx” (without quotes) to your httpd.conf. though, only a temporary solution I hope.

I got the same problem after I installed Comodo AntiVirus today.
I know it’s not Comodo Firewall becoz I have been using it with Apache without problem berfore.
I looked at my Apache error log, it’s flooded with:

[error] (OS 10038)An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.  : Child 948: Encountered too many errors accepting client connections. Possible causes: dynamic address renewal, or incompatible VPN or firewall software. Try using the Win32DisableAcceptEx directive.

did some googling and found this:

Apparently this is a bug in CAV, let’s hope this would be resolved soon.

I can also confirm this bug. The solution mentioned by Zeth did fix it. At first I thought it is a Comodo Firewall problem, but it was caused by the Antivirus.