~AOL's Active Security Monitor Score~

What’s Everyone’s Score
If you have lower then 69 Then Just wait for other people and list what programs you have
if you have 69-79 Please List what Programs you have
If you have 80-90- Please List what Programs do you have
if You have 91-100 Please List What Programs You have and the Website where you can get that product from…

If you have a Different Rating Program/Software Please Message me or Reply to this Post

Okay let’s see.
Spybot’s TeaTimer prevented it from being added to startup, CPF prevented it from connecting to Internet, so I guess that’s a sign that my security produtcs works.
Anyways, here’s the score:

Score: 88, Excellent
Firewall: Excellent, no problems.
Virus protection: Excellent, says virus database is out of date, but there’s no newer avalaible.
Spyware protection: Excellent, no problems.
Windows & Browser: Good, tells me to enable automatic updates, which isn’t going to happen.
Wireless security: N/A, since CPF prevented it from connecting it didn’t detect my router.
PC utilities: Good, suggests me go get a back-up program, tho I burn all important stuff on DVD’s.
P2P software: Poor, wants me to uninstall it, but I won’t.

Here’s what I’m using:
Firewall: Comodo Personal Firewall
Virus protection: Avast! Home Edition
Spyware protection: Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware and Spywareblaster
Windows & Browser: Windows XP Service Pack 2, Firefox
Wireless security: Router
PC utilities: Advanced Windows Care Personal, Ace Utilities, CCleaner
P2P software: LimeWire for music, else µTorrent


thank you for your post

AOL Active Security Monitor score = 93

Firewall - Excellent
Anti virus - Excellent
Spyware- Excellent
Windows & browser - Excellent
Wireless - N/A
PC utilities - Good
P2P - Excellent

List of programs:
Zonealarm free firewall (latest version)
AVG Antivirus 7.5 free (fully updated)
Spybot S&D ver 1.4 (ver 1.5 won’t scan) note: tea timer off
Adaware 2007 (personal free edition)
Spyware Blaster
Win XP home SP2 (selected updates installed manually)
Firefox (with Pimp Zilla)
Ad Block Plus for firefox (and pop ups blocked)
Internet Explorer 7 (dont use it much)
Advanced Windows care 2 (Personal free edition)
Manual backups (this lowered my score - could go to 98)
Process Explorer 10 from Microsoft (Sysinternals)
Sysinternals Anti Rootkit
Ice Sword
MS malicious software removal tool
Windows Defender (realtime protection)
Peer Guardian (removed this because no P2P software installed)
True Crypt on hidden partition (can’t go into details!)

Also testing Microsoft Windows SteadyState (trademarked)

As of 1 Feb 2008 switched to the following:
Comodo Firewall (So far very impressed!) thank You Comodo !!
Switched to Spyware terminator
Testing Comodo Antivirus ( I feel brave - don’t usually install Beta software)

Generally avoid gaming/P2P/warez/gambling etc.

Don’t open attachments or click on links via email.

Note: In my opinon the score is only half the battle. Education is more important.

does aol active security monitor works on vista?
only saying that because:
a) doesn’t recognize vista firewall
b) tells me that system restore is turned off when it’s on
c) won’t detect my wireless network

for me it gives a score of 92

Firewall *Excellent
Virus Protection *Excellent
Spyware Protection *Excellent
Windows & Browser *Excellent
Windows Security *N/A
PC Utilities *Good
P2P Software *Excellent

I have AVG Free Edition AV and its upto date with the defintions, AOL Security reports it as out of date, so thats one thing it can’t detect correctly.

the software for me is a gimmick, but it would be quite useful and informative for many other people and I will be recommending it to some of them

the program is slightly annoying, I don’t want it to load with windows Startup isn’t there any settings in the program to disable it from starting up with Winxp?

Nevermind, i just used CCleaner to remove the registry Startup key for AOL Active Security Monitor

73 O0

I only have Avast 4.7 Home Edition, Newest CFP and BOClean

there’s such program ??? where do i get it?


You’re on it. It’s called the internet.

Pardon me, but, now, this AOL proggie is really not something to rely on.

I rather guess it’s some kind of cheap spyware.


(:TNG) thx soya

what ??? why ??? how ???




hey i forgot an important question : is it free ? ;D or it’s just a trialware? can’t download it right now, connection problem.

Obviously spyware


Have a drink on me?

really :o why? hey i’m planning to download it. so is there other non-spyware software similar to this AOL active security monitor? where do i get it?

Ganda, almost everyone i know says any AOL software is spyware. Though i’ve yet to see any AOL software detected as spyware. I think it’s safe. O0

i hope so, i’ll download it once my connection gets better

Ahh…Another gift from Earth ;D

Well @Ganda

Secunia do also offer a similar proggie.

Don’t like it even.

Sorry to say so



ok :■■■■ ;D
maybe i’ll try this AOL & remove it after