AOLIE- can't view websites with COMODO on


I’ve used COMDODO for several months now successfully until the recent upgrade.

Since the upgrade, although I can logon to AOL and read my email with not problem, I have to turn off, exit, COMODO, to reach ANY website.

I’ve looked at all the settings and have no idea what to change.

Your guidance is appreciated. I run XP Pro SP2 and don’t like cruising the web without a firewall even though I am on dialup.

Hi and welcome,

Can you post CPF’s logs after attempting to visit a website so we can see if anything is being blocked (activity>>logs>>right click on the logs>>select ‘export html’.)


Believe it or not, since I posted, even with COMODO exited, I could not access the web, just email.

So, I uninstalled the updated COMODO and reinstalled the older version xxx 1.9 and that seems to be working as I remember it to work. So, here I am again.

If you would like, I can run the update again and post the results it the problem persists.

I do also run AVGFree.

THanks again