AOL VEngine [Closed]

Does VEngine work with AOL?

Meaning the AOL browser?


AOL 9 I was on about… Tried it out but to no avail…

It might not be automatic. You might have to look for a way to enable it within AOL’s browser. If there’s a plugin you can enable (probably for ESigil.dll), that might do it for you…

Look for a menu option to manage add-ons/plug-ins.



AOL support was removed from Verification Engine a while ago due to performance issues. We have a new approach and plans to add AOL support back into Verification Engine in the future. As usual, announcements will be placed on the forum.


Great news! I just wish I could convince my wife not to use AOL software any longer.

Well, good luck there. :slight_smile: I’ll go ahead and close the topic since we have an answer…