AOL Acting Like a sever do I click YES or NO?

Hi got comodo firewll running nice so far just a few things to ask I use AOL and it comes up trying to act like a sever Im not sure on this one do I click YES or NO.also like to ask do the fire wall give out my ip address if so how do I hide it can you help thanks.jyss :-\


The firewall WILL not give out your IP. Categorically.

If you’re behind a router of some sort, data packets sent across the internet will have the IP address of your router in the header. Your LAN IP address (if it’s in either of the 192.168.X.X or 172.16.X.X address ranges) is non-routable and would be killed at the next hop.

Your private IPs are safely hidden behind the firewall and the router.

Hope this helps.
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen for info Im a newbie as you can tell I am not useing a Router so can my IP be seen with me just useing the firewall?

If you’re connecting by a modem, then you will be allocated an IP address by your ISP when you connect. This IP address is in the header of all data packets leaving your PC. It has to be there so your return address is known.

If you sent a data packet out without a return address, how could the data get back to you?

Hope this is clearer,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen I understand now thanks for your help (V)

Hey Jyss,

I forgot to add “Welcome to the forums”. Don’t worry about being a noob - we all were at some stage. Don’y worry about if a question you’re going to ask is silly - the only silly question is the one that doesn’t get asked.

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Hi… Just thought I’d add a bit of background of how AOL works. AOL components act as a server because when you connect to AOL using the AOL program you are actually connecting through AOL’s Proxy which is one of the many ways AOL tries to protect it’s users privacy etc. It’s ok to allow.

If you’ve got a router and put a Screen Name / Password and the Domain as you can use any browser, just won’t be connecting through AOL’s Proxy Server.

… More useless information… I know…

Hi Ewen you been such a good help I thank you for that I am getting a router so might have some more questions yes Im learning all the time thanks to you guys.thanks jyss ;D (L)

jyss, you don’t say how you connect to the net, but a router works with cable/dsl connection.Hope this helps.