Anyway to tell the firewall to ignore all localhost connections?

Hi. I’d like to just ignore all attempts of programs to get to some port on (localhost) unless and until they cause an external connection to what really IS an internet IP.

I should think that some people might not want to know about a connections within an inTRAnet but I just need localhost.

I’ve got Cygwin X-Windows which works by setting up “connections” on localhost and I also have a few other programs which also set up “connections” on and some of the programs time out by the time I can get to the alert box and I really don’t want to add all of them to the trusted list.

Of course, most anti-virus programs set up proxies on and to check incoming and outgoing mail but then you really DO make an external connection.

Hi, jmrubin. Welcome to the forum.

Security tab > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Configure > Skip loopback. Enable both for TCP and UDP. I hope this is what you’re looking for.