Anyway to stop the alerts?


Edit: Throughout this text ‘pop-ups’ and ‘alerts’ mean the same thing.

First off, I have no idea where this topic is supposed to go so if there’s a better place for it then please move it. :slight_smile:

So I installed the setup version of Tixati (moving from the portable version) and hence the firewall application rule for the portable version does not apply for the installed version, so when I start the new installation of Tixati I get a pop-up from the firewall for an incoming connection, but I already know the exact rules I want for it so I go into the settings and create those rules and click OK.

So now Tixati has rules that say to allow this and allow that and block anything that doesn’t match, and so I un-tick the remember option in the pop-up and click ‘Allow’ assuming that any stacked pop-ups would adhere to the recently created rules… but that was not the case… I kept getting the stacked pop-ups even though I had created a rule for the application, and these were the stacked pop-ups from before the rules were created mind you, not connections from after the rules were created so the rules are in place but I keep getting the queued pop-ups.

So now I think, well instead of allowing it, why don’t I try Block and terminate, surely that will ignore any queued pop-ups? Well… sadly no, the pop-ups were still coming one after one.

So I start continuously pressing the allow button thinking there surely can not have been many more connections in the time I started the application and until I had made my rules… I was wrong, after a few hundred pop-ups I started to get annoyed and frustrated, and thought to perhaps use an auto-clicker, however that proved ineffective as it still had to wait for the pop-ups to appear and disappear and do the same thing over again so it was just as fast as clicking myself however I spared my finger, after a few minutes I got fed up and just restarted my system. - After restart I launched the application and no pop-ups were made because it adhered to the rules I created.

So what I am asking here is if there is any other way than restarting the system to get the queued pop-ups to stop appearing? And if not, I think I’ll make a wish for an option to make ‘Block and Terminate’ also clear all queued pop-ups from that application, unless anyone else have a better idea.

Edit 2: I created a wish here.

Sanya IV Litvyak.