anyway to defrag with comodo security installed?

I have tried disabling/shutting down Cis and still ausalogics disc defrag and/or defraggler creeps.
I have very little fragmentaion on my disc,and it normallt takes
60-120 seconds.
If i stop all comodo services in admin tools will it help?

Does disabling the AV residential shield help? Try this.

What do you mean with disabling/shutting down CIS? You mean shutting down the client?

Shutting down CIS from the system tray icon does nothing to improve the speed.
I have found that disabling Comodo Internet Security Helper Service
from the Service menu in adminstrative tools,followed by a reboot,
restores normal defrag speed.
Then it is nessasary to re-enable the service and re-boot.
Bloody complicated affair to defrag a hard drive.

It shouldn’t, becuase all you’re doing here is shutting the user interface down.

So do you have the Antivirus installed? There is a known problem with the AV/defrag performance and like EricJH said, disabling that temporarily usually solves the problem (until it is fixed by COMODO).

Yes,that works as well as disabling the Comodo Internet Security Helper Service,and is much less problem.

thank you for the help.