Anyone willing to contribute to creating a lists of "My Blocked Network Zones"

I’m running ver3 and things are great. So now I am adding all these %$^$%@& pop up’s and ad displays that appear at quite a few sites. In particular I hate the ones where your cusor goes over the test and a window pops up advertising something. Or the ones that just keep flashing that you have won.

So I am now determined…at least until I forget :-\

To build a list of sites and keep adding them to my “blocked network zone”.

I was wondering …

  1. Has someone already built a comprehensive list?
  2. If so…do they want to share it?
  3. Maybe we could all start adding to a list here, so that everyone can benefit.

It would be a nice feature to ad to Comodo v3… A open/insert text file of existing “blocked network zones” so that many could share this info.

I am really tired of having advertisements thrown at me on the web.

I started just a few minutes ago…here are a few

Hi Bowhunter,

Yours is a good idea and I guess some people already have black lists of this kind, let’s hope they post. Anyway, isn’t your browser blocking those popups? Even if you visit those sites, your browser’s popup blocker should prevent the popups from appearing. All mayor browsers have popup blockers, including IE 6 and 7, Firefox and Opera. Maybe the popup blocker is disabled and you can enable it again.

Go to Blocking Unwanted Connections with a Hosts File and read about host files, which specifically do what you want without the necessity of compiling the list yourself. And add your sites there, since these lists get updated monthly. Blocked network zones are useful for keeping users from actually going to specific websites where they might get viruses, trojans, undesirable content, … and keeping your browser from being redirected to dangerous sites.

maybe we should create a Comodo version of this, and try to automate the process for our users?

how about a section where we can report these sites? (and of course we need a dispute resolution process just in case) and these being integrated into our products automatically (of course if the user wants it with an optional feature etc).



If you use Firefox, there’s an addon named Adblock Plus that block like all ads. I guess Firefox’s built-in pop-up blocker works just fine, I’ve never had an annoying pop-up. NoScript can also block ads, and it also increases your security. Else, PeerGuardian also blocks ads (and some other stuff too).


That would be swell. :slight_smile:

Go for it Melih. Some of the competition has already worked in this kind of protection (directly adding to the hosts file). It is important that it be flexible enough to exclude sites on the list, just in case a mistake is made.

I spent a lot of time on internet to find a site’s list and finally I found it. A very complete list with thousand of sites. I was happy about this, but when I went to “My Blocked network zone”, I have understood that I’ve to put it one by one, so It’s impossible (:SAD)

So, should one use this pretty function only for one - ten sites?

The list can be found here: Resources: Ad Blocking Resources

Is there some function of “import list”?

I guess there are many people who don’t need any blacklist being integrated.
That’s why i ask you to make it an optional only if you will introduce such feature.

Comodo team, thank you for CFP (L) (V)

Then there is the question of what qualifies a site for the list. Maybe three or four lists would be a good idea: active malware sites; adware sites; aggressive pop-up/ad display sites; pornographic sites; and so on. That way, the reason for inclusion does not need explanation and the criteria for inclusion can be made more obvious.

I have been away from the site for quite some time now, but I wanted to say thanks for the above link. I am running Vista64 Ult. and at first the hosts file stopped my connection. I did get it working and WOW…NO MORE Floating popups and junk. That file is a life saver.

Comodo could ad in a new release the ability to right click and “add to blocked lists” or just a simple click and copy/paste mode for entry to the blocked zones.

Maybe better is just add the “import” of this host file.

Either way…thanks for the link and your great V3 firewall.