anyone using VIPRE ?

hello comodo people :slight_smile:
do u know this AV called VIPRE and are u using it?
is it any good ?

I’ve not tried it personally but it seems to be well rated by those that have.

i have used it for a while, i realy like vipre. It hase a shiny interface, nice detection, it’s realy light.
good av ;D

I have been using it since last November and could not be happier with it. It runs so light you hardly notice it is there.

I am starting to use it today. The Quick Scan completed well. I am in the process of a Deep Scan - should be done in an hour or so. All reports of the software are very good. Quick and light on resources. I have Comodo set up as follows: Proactive Security, Firewall in Safe Mode, Defense+ in Paranoid Mode. In Vipre, under Manage\Always Allowed, I added the folder C:\Program Files\Comodo. And added the file C:\Program Files\Comodo\cfp.exe. This may be a double dip, but it works. This seems to resolve other posted problems regarding conflicts of Vipre and Defense+.

Follow-up 5 hours later - Deep Scan has not worked. It freezes before completion. I have “disabled” Defense+ and am Deep Scanning again to see if it will work. More later. Time now: 4:29PM CST

2nd Follow-up 13 hours later - Deep Scan still not working. I tried more than once, even with Defense+ “disabled”. I just unloaded Vipre and put Comodo’s AV back in place. Important note - the Matousec test of CIS had the options set up as I described above. I have this info from Matousec themselves. Therefore, if you’re looking for a really good firewall that also passes the Matousec recommendations, you will need to set CIS as I have described in the first paragraph. I wrote to Sunbelt (Vipre owner) and hope that they can get the issues resolved.

Question for lotsamosi - I have seen lots of communications between you and the Vipre folks (on other forums) - and you state above that Vipre is working fine w/ CIS. Please let me know how you have CIS set up on your system. Also - do you ever get anything sneaking through - or is your setup “bullet proof”? Thanks for all your help. RB

The only way I could get them to work together was to uninstall CIS, reboot, and install CIS without defense+. The real-time features of Vipre seem to work just fine - I get popups asking what to allow at the appropriate times.
With this setup both Vipre and CIS seem to work fine. I feel very secure and absolutely love the lightness with which Vipre runs.

Vipre is planning a major update I think later this month - so I may try defense + again just to see if they can work together. Although as I said, I feel very secure without it.

Thanks, lotsamosi. I appreciate the feedback.

Can anyone from the Comodo expertise tell me if Vipre is basically doing the same thing as Defense+? lotsamosi appears to be having luck running both without Defense+ in his artillery. What exactly does Defense+ do? Why can’t Vipre run with Defense+ engaged? Are there any “exceptions” that can be placed into Defense+'s instructions that would allow Vipre to coexist w/ CIS?