Anyone using IE8?

Im using ie8 & whenever i come to the comodo homepage, the toolbar with the ‘products,partners, resources, support’ etc the popup menus dissapear instantly after ive tried to use it navigate the site. eg, if i want to get to the forum, i hover the mouse over the ‘support’, the menu pops up, but then dissapears.

btw, it does fix it if i use compatibility view, but when i try to post something on the forum, ill get a ‘your session has timed out’ notice.

I use IE8. I set compatability as the default viewing mode. No issues since doing that.
This site requires compatability mode as default to function.
Just check the box “Display all website in compatibility mode”.

M$ said that IE8 won’t break existing websites. This is rather worrying, as so many sites have been perverted to suit IE, so IE8 has to be seriously sub-normal to work with them.

Anyway. IE* is a tad insecure atm. I won’t ‘upgrade’ - IE7 borked enough PCs as it was.

MS changed their design again.

it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. :-\

when a site hands IE8 content and asks for [u]Standards[/u] mode, that content would expect [u]IE7’s Standards[/u] mode and not appear or function correctly.

basically ‘standard’ is a meaningless word in MS context. :-X

Yup - MS=Meaningless Standard.

Yep according to Ms there are many standards whereas I guess so far that word usually meant W3C standard. :-\

IE8 never worked for me…crashed whenever I pasted something in the address bar. I post on some MS forum or similar, and this guy replied and said I should be happy that the address bar was new/different. 88)

Yeah, it looked nice, but I usually don’t care about things like that if it doesn’t work. 88) ;D