Anyone use this software ??? FastStone Image Viewer

HI all i was looking for a replacement for my now broken windows live photo gallery the recent update by Microsoft broke its file association. so i was looking at this software FastStone Image Viewer 3.5 anyone now if it is a good program or not. any info or first hand experience on it would be great.

Faststone Image Viewer is a great one! The latest Beta (version 3.6) Now supports 32bit & 64bit windows. Anyway I highly recommend it.


thanks Josh going to use it insted of windows live photo uninstalling that as we speak:)

I’m using it my self. :slight_smile:

It’s got other great features too.


Unusual interface in Fullscreen mode but very useable once the positions of tools are memorised.
Good at adding smooth text - no jaggies.

I use the portable version as it saves installation.

it’s been the greatest of 'em all for years, anyway…