Anyone Up For My Distro?

Evening Comodo Members and Moderators.

OK, here is the deal,

I’ve been working on a Distro for many years now about 5 ot 6.
It’s not official, basically you would call it out of the basement kind of project, but
I’ve had tremendous help from many people,
I’ve asked help from the Fedora Community and few people (31 People Actually), are helping me integrate few things from Fedora into this linux distro, I’ve been to Red Hat, and very few people helped (3 Programmers & 2 Security Experts),
and now i’m here asking for people to help and or test out my new distribution of linux, the name of it will be “grote-toren” meaning great tower, (biblical word)…

I am planning on releasing the Stable version August First ( i am taking my time)

Other Details are available
Please E-mail me here

If you would like to help or test it please email me or PM me

6 Years is not bad.

I’ll test it! :slight_smile:


Website will be up and ready by tommorow 1200hrs EST
I’ll post when updates are due,

Thanks those who will be helping me

Semper Fi!

What features does your distro have that others don’t? Will you include Comodo Trustix Firewall? What is the package manager? Also, please tell me you are not compiling i386. That’s one of my biggest beefs with Debian/Redhat and derivatives is that they are compiled i386. I know it’s for max compatibility, but compiling for i686 is much better … so you loose out on the one person using anything lower, but there are features of the new CPUs that you do not use unless you compile for them: Copy-on-write is just one of a thousand examples.


You’ll have to wait til the website is up sorry sir’

I cannot discloser any information but i can tell you,
we both are
we already have a beta in i386 (with the JScan Beta v2.0)

and what we do have that others don’t is called “JScan (Stable v1.7)”
which takes up about 10%(aprox) of the space,
it is,
Mal-Ware Scanner (Anti - trojan/virus/spyware/adware/etc…)
We both determine on prevention and detection (thanks to comodo which inspired us :D)
Network Security Scanner Almost like GFI Languard except no GUI
Vulnerability Scanner (from your ports to out of date system apps )
Disk (Fix or Modify)

Also We Will Include CTF (Comodo Trustix Firewall) As A option to install if not they will be pretty much forced to use the firewall we have created (inspired from CFP 3 w/ TC & modified firewall from fedora)

And You’ll have a option to install the USMC Theme, which i added and created my self
the start up is a 9 seconds preview of USMC Hymn, and when you shut down it will play taps for 10 seconds,

We have added few things from Fedora into our package also, which i cannot say which ones,

I’ll add more later on tommorow

I also would be interested in possibly trying/testing this out. Sounds like you put in alot of hard work. so Congrats on it and hopefully we can get alot more to test it out :slight_smile:

Everyone Who Is Interested In Beta Test(s) Please E-mail me at
With Subject Line “Beta OS”

Thank You,
Yes I’ve started this project when i was a pre-teen (12 years old),
I’m currently 17 years old so about 5 years…

“Honor, Courage, Commitment” - USMC

Sounds good mate!


I’d def. like to help you test it out. Or at least take it for a spin. Consider yourself emailed.


All Projects been put on hold as 20080711

I’ll supply the link to the download page
next week,

i deeply apologize,

the reasons of this action
are as follows

We Do Not Host The Server That The ISO Will Be Located
So It Will Take About A Week For The Payment To Get Clearance.

I, Work On The Webpage By Myself and I do apologize for the basic HTML Skills I have

I can help with the webpage if you like. I’m no expert and I can just do the basics, but between the two of us we may be able to do something nice.

I’ll email you.

what’s the status of this? :slight_smile:

~I’m Working On The Installer~

Sorry for the delay, but we had problems with computers thats on the network…

Its Up On The Website


It’s up to you :smiley:

Finally It’s Out

What website ? Gonna download it in January when I’m back !


What website?

Wow…you started it when you were quite young. How?

The link will be “
it will be under Special Projects