Anyone know why this worked (Blue Screen Crash ... when Contol Panel is openned)

Summary of previous problem: Only one account works properly with Comodo Firewall. All other accounts BOSD, blue screen of death crash, if I try to open the control pranel. For complete details on how this fresh install was built, see my previous post.

I logged into one of the problemed accounts. I shut down CFW, Comodo Firewall and shut down Spyware Doctor. Then I rebooted and reloged into this acount. Now I could open the Control Panel without a BOSD crash. My next challange was to see if it could work with Spyware Doctor and CFW.

I turned on CFW and opened the Control Panel successfully. Next, I restarted Spyware Doctor and waited until it completely loaded. I could still open the Control Panel successfully. To make sure I rebooted and logged back into this account. I could still open the Control Panel.

Anyone out their know why this worked? I suspect it has something to do with the way CFW learns something. I need to try this on my other problemed account to see if I can replicate this solution.

I’ve read suggested Commodo reads, but would apprecitate insight into this fortunate fix.