Anyone know why firefox 3.5.5 crashes so much?

Ever since I upgraded to 3.5, it Firefox crashes so much I’ve went to Chrome.

Did you clean install, and what extensions are you using? Many tabs open when it crashes?

Anything coming up in Tools/Error console?

Using 3.6 Beta 5 at the mo and can`t recall having a crash.

FIREFOX IS the CRAPPIEST browser I have ever used in my life… i liked it a little bit when it was in version 2 but v 3 and up are just ■■■■ and CPU hogging… 3.5.4, 3.5.5, 3.5.6 all hog up like 25% of my CPU… I love using IE 8 because it can use WOT, has script blocking features and the best smartscreen filter which block like all malware downloads. IE 8 uses like 2% CPU and mostly 0% which is fanatstic. Ditch firefox dude.

I like Firefox…IE8 has slow tab openings because it creates a new process for each tab/window.

And I heard the IE uses processes besides the iexplorer.exe.

It does quite a bit of memory and CPU, but I love being able to configure it so. I can’t live without Adblock Plus, Webmail Notifier (lol), LastPass (the best password manager), and my “Bloody Red” theme. :slight_smile:

:-TU Firefox crashes because it’s not IE8 ;D

Firefox crashes because IE is installed too. :smiley:

How many addons have you installed and have you tried “safe-mode” with all addons disabled to see if that makes any difference?

I had the same issue, been caused by NoScript having a flaw in forcing https connections…
NoScript author fixed it within a day with a nightly build :-TU

Could you be more specific, please?

I heard IE 8 was a bad number, but are you saying to got to it?
And then… All my personal add-on’s etc would work in in Firefox 3.5.5?
I just want a nice internet expience, so…

I run IE8 next to FF 3.5.6 without any issue’s here, however i hardly use IE8…
But it should not conflict, LaserWraith was using the classic Browser war joke…

He was responding to me saying that Firefox crashes because it’s not IE8, a comment that was only partly in jest. ;D I do prefer IE8 and it definitely is not a “bad number”.

There’s only one browser that will give you that. ;D

But try running FF in safe mode and see if that works. If it does then try and find out what extension is giving you problems.

Dude… Go get some pills… >:-D

It may be Your Add-on Upgrades:

Although Add-ons are by far not the only culprit in causing FF to stop playing nice, it does tend to be one of the more frequent of late.

Several of the latest add-on updates tend to make FF unstable. I find Webmail Notifier’s latest builds to cause most of my troubles, with firefox crashing about a minute after loading until I disabled WN. Reinstalling WN with an earlier build fixed that problem though. (I went as far back as December '09)

If you have several add-ons, and FF is crashing or hanging, even if you haven’t added anything new in a while, the upgrades may be what is causing your problem. Try disabling one at a time and then restart FF and see if your problem is fixed. Then, once you have discovered which Add-on is causing your troubles, you can go back to the Mozilla Addon’s page, select your delinquent add-on and scroll to the bottom to the “Earlier Versions” link. Backtrack your version until you find one that doesn’t destabilize FF.

Once it’s installed and everything is working, just remember to deselect that add-on whenever FF tries to upgrade.