Anyone know what this is?

Found someone who needed help on another board. I asked him to submit a ticket for support but thought I’d see if anyone knows how to correct his problem. Here the link. Thanks! (B)

I’ve not seen anything like that before. The pop-up he posted, isn’t a CPF pop-up. But, as he says… it works when he sets CPF to allow all. I can’t help. Anybody else?

It would be interesting to see his HijackThis log (BHO’s, processes, etc).
He should also try other browser to find out, if it is just IE 6 failure or not.
I saw similar screen once, but I just do not remember, if it was a malware.
When Comodo is set to Allow All, maybe it can download silently in an iframe.

The only time that I’ve seen a similar output is when the browser has decided to try & load a binary file, rather than offer it up for download.

I had about the same issue when I installed CPF and Firefox after each other on a computer, but with some differences.
Everything went well. Internet Explorer worked okay.
Then I installed Firefox and set Google as startpage. I got exactly the same kind of screen as above, about half of the time. The other half of the time Google loaded.
The difference was (of course) the screen Firefox put up is different. It said MIME-type was octet-application (don’t know the exact words), but in reality it was the site of Google.
When I turned off CPF everything went like it should be.
Every other page loaded like it should, it was only Google that was seen as an applicatoin. Removing Google as startpage made no difference. Going to another page and back to Google made no difference. Firefox kept thinking Google was an application.

After turning off the computer completely and turning off the modem completely (unplugging both) the issue disappeared. Emptying just the cache etc. didn’t work, I really had to power down everything.
No idea what it was.


Just a thought,

About 12 months ago, there was a trojan (a derivative of zotob) that hijacked the browser and redirected calls to to another server. This other server was supposed to push down more ■■■■, but they accidentally named the ■■■■ .HTM, which forced it to open inside the browser, which displayed a screen full of garbage similar to the screenshot he posted.

I’d check the "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\HOSTS. " file for any unauthorised changes.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

In my case it was a fresh installed system. I did check the hosts file etc., but everything was okay.
And after unplugging everything it worked okay, so in my case it was something temporarily, not something like the hosts file.
But I never saw something like that, so I really have no idea what it was.


I am the one with the issue. I posted before with this problem so I apologize for any double posting.

I disabled ABA in CPF and the problem seems to have disappeared. I can verify that I have no spy/malware on this PC and all scans including looking at my HJT log come up clean.

Why would ABA cause this issue?

Did you submit a ticket for this issue? I’m curious what the techs think.

Yes, please raise a ticket & post the feedback. I’d also like to know how CPFs ABA caused this.

I have had a similar thing on my computer. Both times it has been a PHP site, but i don’t remember if it was the same site. I got “do you want to save or open this PHP-file”, when clicking on a link. I didn’t think of it as a CPF issue. If it happens again, i will take a screenshot and try to close CPF and see if it works without it.

Ok, I submitted a trouble ticket. I’ll let everyone know what follows.

Goodluck! (CLY)

Same problem here.

Sometimes, I get binary garbage instead of HTML in IE when CPF is running.

For example, earlier today, I tried to browse to,3155.0.html
and got binary garbage.
I saved it to a file and uploaded to

What’s ABA?

Application Behavior Analysis.

OK, I turned it off. Will see if it helps.

This is getting ridiculous.
CPF interferes with Google, Slashdot and, ironically, the Comodo forum (possibly more)

I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem. I was beginning to think it was something I did, but I knew I hadn’t installed anything except the update when I started having this problem.

Alexo, what other security apps and/or antivirus apps you have installed?

Please make sure you raise a trouble ticket that way they see it isn’t isolated.


Same here.

Avast antivirus 4 home edition.

I also submitted a ticket (MOC-829854) several minutes ago.

Comodo promises a reply within 24h. Did you get any suggestions?

Well, coincidently, I am running Avast 4.7 Home addition as well.

They replied to my trouble ticket saying that there is no way CPF could cause that problem. They then asked me what other security apps I was running.

Now that I have ABA turned off I experience other problems. Like not being able to access the net through other applications. Such as MSN Messenger. When I have an email notification in MSNM I click on the letter in that app and I get a blank page. Now if I turn CPF to allow all I have no problems. I know I am not having any luck with this so far. I just have to figure out which one is less of an annoyance at this point until something is done about it.