anyone help me to make gameguard for ragnarok

Anyone can help me im newbie making server and some of my player using 3rd party program anyone suggest how to block thos 3rd party program user…

i hope anyone help me… tnx im waiting… im always online tnx

Last thing I know is that Game Guard and CIS are not compatible:;msg270922#msg270922 .

os its impossible to put gameguard

but other server have elecom shield…

or virtual shield

anyonce can help me T_T

guide how to make one for my server

WPE and RPE user crash my server T_T

Making a Ragnarok server is illegal and you can get sued because of Copyright infringement.


its not illegal

there are plenty of private server T_T

anyone help me to make gameguard

for my server tnx… im still waiting

OK, I’ll report you to Gravity.

Thanks for bumping this thread with a nice threat. :a0