Anyone have this problem?

Not sure if this is right place to post, but here goes,

All my specs are below,

For the last few weeks my internet connection is taken longer to go active. For a long time it was only 5-15 seconds until it connected. Now it is 1-2 minutes. I have done virus/spyware scans and have tried it in areas where there is no connection to eliminate an internet thief.

Recently, I have found that Comodo was being put on hold while it initialized and NOD32’s Antivirus and AntiSpyware was being disabled during the 1-2 minute startup. I never noticed this before, but never looked since the internet connection came up guickly.

I uninstalled/reinstalled Comodo an NOD32, no change. I have exclusions for each of them for each other.

Nothing done new to the laptop. Any ideas.


What do you mean with Comodo being put on hold? Did Windows Event viewer report this? What exactly did it report?

On the Summary screen it said Comodo is intializing, please wait.

This started before .509 and Vista SP2.

I did a full image restore back to 2 weeks ago and same warnings for Comodo and NOD32 are still there.

I think something else other than the FW/AV programs are delaying their start. But, have no idea where to start, unless someone else has experienced this.

I don’t think these two warnings are normal.


Did you do a clean install of CIS or did you an upgrade install?


I don’t think it is Comodo or NOD32 by themselves. But, something delaying them.

Not an expert at this. But the problem is there with both installed or just one installed.

No research of any event logs has shown a problem relating to this.

Again, I am working off the assumption this is not normal.


It’s not CIS’s problem.

The problem is NOD32 4.x.

I mentioned about it when SP2 released.

NOD32 4.x makes a lot of problems with VISTA SP2.
You may have following problems.(It depands on systems)
2.slow network
3.slow system
4.NOD32 realtime protection doesn’t work
5.NOD32 realtime protection turned off automatically
6.and more.

This issue with NO32 4.x has been indentified.
ESET is trying to take care of those problems.
But there is no solution yet.
Also Lastest Version : 4.0.437.0 has same problem.

Otherwise, your SP2 updating process had a problem with other thing.


I don’t have NOD 4. I have NOD 3. And, I did a full image restore back to SP1. Same problem persists. This has been going on for a few weeks. I know it is not CF now, since I uninstalled it and had same problem. But, something is still causing CF to stay initializing for a minute or two. I still have .509, just checked. I could go back to .508 and see if the initializing problem is independent of my other problem. How do I do that without going back to an even older backup?

I am looking at some windows event errors, but don’t understand them. I could upload if anyone interested in looking at them.


Upload them please.
(including your hardware venders:MB,VGA,NIC,Sound etc)
more details needed.

Have you tried ‘Clean install’ for Windows and CIS?
Because the upgrading to SP2(not clean install) makes a lot of problems(it depands on system).
Sometimes, you need to reinstall those drivers even if it looks fine.

1.motherboard driver.(chipset patch)
2.Graphic card driver.
3.sound card driver.
4.other hardware driver(keyboard, mouse, NIC etc)
5.CIS(uninstall CIS recommended before you upgrade to SP2)

I recommend you use a clean install for your Windows.

Here are the windows event errors when I log on to my desktop. Not sure if any of them are connected to CF or have anything to do with my problem.

The things I have done recently are upgrading 4.6 Desktop Manager for my Blackberry. Hence, new Roxio Media Manager.

Downloaded Mobiola Video Studio.

I found some info on the second attachment as far as booting. But, don’t think it applies to me.

I can do a full image restore back to before this started. Prefer that to a new Windows install.

Just don’t understand why two different security programs are being affected like this at the same time.

Don’t really have anything else on the laptop, other than what is in my signature.


[attachment deleted by admin]

May have solved the problem. :-\

I have two “Terminal Services” in my Windows Services. One was set to Auto and one Manual. The manual one was the Terminal Services Configuration Service. It deals with remote desktop configurations and certificates. I am on a laptop connected to a wireless router. I set the service to auto like the other one. I don’t why it affected the start up with CF and NOD32, but it seems it may have. Perhaps it was taking time to activate the service from manual to on.

Anyway, this may be a solution for others who have had CF initialize longer than normal. I shut down and rebooted three times now and the time from logon to internet connection and having CF and NOD32 up and running is back to five seconds or so.

Time will tell if this fixed it. But, this the first time it has started this fast in weeks or maybe months.

I know awhile back I disabled and/or set to manual several things I thought I didn’t need. That may have been when things started to slow down, and I never made the connection.

I will follow with a final post if this works. And, may reinstall Vista SP2.

Thanks for all the inputs,