Anyone have guide to set up Utorrent to work with CIS 2013 complete ?

Thanks for any options and ideas :slight_smile: All i look for is required/optimal changes in the CIS settings to make the p2p communicate properly.

What exactly do you mean? Set it up in a special way to only allow certain things or just set it up so that utorrent is completely allowed?

If you want to allow it then you can add it to trusted files by going into CIS > tasks > Advanced Tasks > Open Advanced Settings > Security Settings > File Rating > Trusted Files > Arrow > Add > browse to uTorrent.exe and add it.
Or if you have it running you can go into KillSwitch and right-click the uTorrent.exe process and click “Add to Trusted Files”
I don’t know if it’s necessary but you can also go to CIS > Tasks > Firewall Tasks > Allow Application > Browse to uTorrent.exe and add it.
OR you could just click allow whenever uTorrent triggers CIS.

Edit: I just saw you added to your original post and I don’t know the optimal settings for uTorrent.

Thanks I was looking for general changes to make since its menny options to choose between every tip is good :wink:

I’m still using CIS 5.10, so I’m not sure if the following can be used for CIS 6.0 too, but I think so.
I have set the firewall with the rules described here Comodo Firewall Tweaks - Speed Problems - µTorrent Community Forums and it has always worked well for me (good transfer rate and block on some IPs that don’t meet the rules).
The same is described here Enabling File Sharing Applications like BitTorrent and Emule,Comodo Firewall| Internet Security v5.9/5.10
Hope can be usefull for you too :slight_smile:

Thanks for guides and tips =) . i Will test them out :slight_smile:

Although the interface has changed, there are no significant differences, with regard to the rules for utorrent. You can take a look at this for now. I’ll probably update it for version 6 at some point.