Anyone else ordered Windows 7

Just ordered my copy now of Windows 7 Home Premium E now from Amazon for the princely sum of £44.97

Bargain really, after using 7 for a bit as main OS, xp seems :-\

Anyone else pre-ordered? Ebuyer where doing the Pro for £80 but ran out pretty quickly :-TD

Matt :BNC

That’s really cheap i got to check it out. Is it OEM or retail versions??

It`s the retail version for the price of an upgrade. No Internet Explorer though…Boooooooo!!!

Firefox on a USB it is then :wink:

nice. Why doesn’t it have I.E? And because its a retail ill be able to install it on new builds in the future.
Its also going for 49.99 on

I presume you know it will uninstall Vista to remove IE?

European Union is why it does not have IE.

It`s the “Europe” version so basically Microsoft have striped out Internet Explorer to avoid the chances of being taken to court by the European Union for monopolistic tendencies.
You will need to install a browser yourself, allthough there is talk they may ship an Internet Explorer disc with each copy.
With it being retail you can install it on any new future builds as long as you only have it installed on 1 computer at any time.

You can also purchase it from Microsoft direct for £49.99, Pro for £99.99, Ultimate is not available.

It`s a reasonable price at the moment, expect it to go up considerably in the future.


Not on Vista Dennis, xp, no probs though start with a clean slate, just back up important stuff etc etc, or maybe build me first rig O0


You should be alright then :slight_smile:
Uninstalling Vista has put me off as I have some programs running on Vista that would not install had to copy files and adjust registry.

My understanding is the IE is supposed to be included but as a separate install.
Check the Windows 7 forums (there are several).

New news on Paul Thurrott’s site: No IE will be included with Win7E.
I would suggest you have a browser package ready to install upon installation of Win7E.

Not sure I think I read somewhere, with new computers a disk with a browser will be supplied.

Just pre ordered one myself. :slight_smile: Seems silly why they are not including IE with it. Surely you could say the same about windows live messenger because other people use yahoo etc. Its there OS they should be able to include anything they want.

unless anyone can enlighten me to any other reasons.

No it’s not.


The offer has now ended. I got in there just in time.

with this one they are including both 32 and 64 bit versions on the disc. Does that mean you can switch between versions with fresh installs or once you have installed one do you have to stick to it???

Microsoft are just a bunch of thieves and no one should ever pay for anything Microsoft.

One key for both versions (it is expected you will install one copy only).

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (English) here.

Upgrade: $219.99

Full : $319.99

If you buy a new Asus you will have an upgrade to Windows 7.

If you install windows 7 can’t you just go to the Microsoft site and download a copy of IE?

You can but you haven`t got a browser installed to download it, you would be able to do it via ftp.

Nice 1 Shaun :-TU I think you will get 2 seperate discs, 1x32bit and 1x64bit, if i recall ive seen somewhere that you cant fit both on 1 disc (i may be wrong 88) )