Anyone else get an update today (28-3-10) ?.

I am just using the Firewall and Defence + part of Comodo v4.0.138377.779 on a Win XP SP3 OS and got a pop up this morning saying an update was available. I okayed it and it downloaded and installed without the need for a reinstall. It mentioned something about the Russian language in English before closing. No change in version number either. I thought nothing of it until coming here and seeing no mention of an update. Did anyone else get this?. It is probably legit but a lot of malware etc starts from Russia and would just like to be sure as well as notify the members.

I don’t have it but it could have been a Russian language update, the Comodo Translated languages are also “auto update” capable so maybe they updated or you removed them, can you verify the timestamps of the files in C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\translations maybe that gives a clue

Thanks Ronny. It wasn’t in that file path but when I hovered the mouse over the russian entry seen in the screenshot with the yellow ? mark which I am assuming is a help file. It fits the date and time so if this is what it is then problem solved.

Big chance it is :-TU