Anyone any idea what this is all about?

Is it just going to be news on the browser or…


I guess the launch of Opera 10 or is that to soon?


Cant see it being Opera 10 as thats only just gone Beta, i may be wrong 88)

Certainly going to keep an eye on it :wink:


It’s just in 3 days :wink:


The comments on it have everything up to an OS.
If it is an OS, Opera can’t really bundle just 1 browser ;D

That would be THE joke ;D.


[code=Opera Web Browser | Faster, Safer, Smarter | Opera]

Maybe is some P2P cloud technology.

So what’s this ? in the cloud webbrowsing ? :stuck_out_tongue:


No clue but the hidden text focus on connect/sharing with further emphasis on servers that gained more power than the rest.

ie:… the next natural step in the evolution was to connect them together. To share things
…some computers gained more power than the rest and called themselves servers

If it is a service that allow users connected on the same website to share/connect and communicate among themselves it would be nothing new.

Anyhow the hidden text is no more cryptic than the Twit form one of Opera browser designer:

ie: “We’ve put the internet on a USB stick,” he writes, “so that you can always have a connection wherever you are!”

Maybe it is something that can work on a local LAN too anyway it cannot possibly be something that can connect to Internet when the user has no Internet gateway/modem.

If connection is not meant as Internet connection it would make more sense although it could also be hinting to an integrated caching proxy (eg: to locally browse a previously saved web session without being connected to the original server eventually providing/exchanging such services with other browsers on the same LAN).

Wanna know what I think? It is the usual “pish-posh” Opera users think up.

A Firefox semi-fanboy


I really doubt it will become anything significant.

Maybe they’ve invented web 3…

Would be awesome.

Always funny to see firefox fanboys in Opera topics :

It is the usual "pish-posh" Opera users think up.
I really doubt it will become anything significant.

Xan 88)

Yes, the smart people always stand out. :a0

The site hidden text got updated:

[code=Opera Web Browser | Faster, Safer, Smarter | Opera]

And a brief text and link was posted:

Today, we unveiled [url=] Opera Unite[/url],
A new technology that shakes up the old client-server computing model of the Web.

It's P2P [i]cloudless[/i]. :a0

Youtube video

I Don’t quite understand what is wrong with the net atm and what opera unite would bring to the tables…

Sounds like it is basically what the web was originally set up to achieve, that being that every computer is a server of sorts able to share information easily.

Interesting concept but not sure its re-inventing anything just making some tasks easier. Not sure if the whole process is sandboxed but hopefully Opera have the security side nailed down.Allthough it doesnt seem to encrypt or use SSL (there could be implications)


That rhetoric is just advertising, I’d wager. It doesn’t sound like P2P to me. What I’ve understood (I’m probably wrong) is that it’s about server software, for domestic use, with easy-to-set frontends, that everybody will use, thus reshaping the way the Internet is used. It might be cool, I’ll keep an eye. They don’t say whether they’ll be offering it for free (after there’s a stable release), but that rhetoric about a revolution would be a little absurd otherwise.

Well it is not P2P like torrents but each peer can connect to the others.

PS: did you guys gave a look to Opera Web Browser | Faster, Safer, Smarter | Opera too? (lol) :smiley:

Well, saw it put up at 0800.58 (nearly a minute late!). started to d/l immediately and left the first comment as well!
Seems to be running well, but I don’t have any use for the functions in Unite unless I need to let some one have a v. large file.