Anybody have experience with Syswatch by SafenSoft, which is free today?

I am really surprised I had not heard of this program before. It says it will be “preventing hacker attacks and malicious software from activating.”

I’d like advice so I may know if this program is worth my while.

Hi conceptualclarity,

First, the raymond’s site is quite reliable and respected, but you pointed to the forum, where it was a post by Gordon who has joined just in October 2013… not many posts yet (not going to dive deep regarding other posts)


SysWatch is fully compatible with all popular antivirus programs
,….but if you look at site it clearly states

SysWatch Personal [i]for Microsoft® Security Essentials[/i]
And further down
SysWatch Personal works great [i]combined with Microsoft® Security Essentials software[/i]
Well, isn’t it ambiguous in the 1st place … I mean, really compatible with ALL AV’s or just with Microsoft® Security Essentials (MSE)???

Not saying that who (excuse me) in sober mind will consider MSE being a good protection , if any?

Another question you may ask yourself would be:

  • why it is just 1 year free giveaway license for the Software that is provided by Microsoft for free (no matter how good or bad is it)?
    … and then you will pay for this addition to MSE or Windows Defender for win 8/8.1 and so on (again free)

I would not even consider to test it now and my opinion – do not rush to get it for free
At the moment many other negatives can be said (from here), but I hope that other users and security Gurus of this forum will join with their thoughts & advices