Anybody else freezes with 5.5.1957?

Anybody else freezes with 5.5.1957 on Win7 x64?

My symptoms:

It freezes at waiting ~3 mins after boot, at HDD interaction (download, access link, start program, save file, click shortcut, etc.).

a) Everything freezes, except:

  • mouse movement
  • num lock
  • WIN + TAB and scrolling through it. At normal speed.
    b) when the dead move has been made, one or two clicks remain until the a) situation. One click can foreground a window, the second can underline a shortcut, but doesn’t trigger it; it remains like that.

Are you using the AV? Can you next time it happens see if the AV is updating>

Can you check with Task Manager to see what process is using a lot of CPU cycles or causing a lot of HD traffic. You can also check with Resource Monitor (it can be started under the Performance tab of Task Manager)?