Any ways to keep alerts controlled while installing in Paranoid mode

Hi… This has happened two-three times now and i really need to solve this.

I have Firewall + Defense+ Optimal set up (version 3, not v4 yet). The Defense+ is set as Paranoid mode. Rest all things are fine, but when i install a new software, there are multiple-multiple alerts as every component is installed. Up to 8-10 alerts are fine, but problem occurs when i install something like a new audio-video player or a codec pack, when the clicks required by Defense+ alerts go up to a crazy number. with plenty dll’s getting installed.

I was recently installing a free CD burning software, and gave it ‘installer and updater’ rights after getting exasperated by a dozen alerts and still counting. And it slipped in the Ask toolbar, hijacked my homepage and other nasties. Took me a lot of effort to sanitize the system again.

The problem is that i want to be aware what all is a particular software installing, but have the clicks controlled to a manageable number. What would be the way to go about it? Thanks!

When installing a video player or codec pack you probably had alerts for installing a new services and/or drivers. That sometimes truly adds up. Nothing you can do about it when you want to run Paranoid.

You got the Ask toolbar because you didn’t keep an eye on the installer of that burning program. Aks does not install its self sneakily. You failed because you were not monitoring the choices the installer gave you.

Running Paranoid means you sometimes click like a mad man…

Thanks for your reply.

I may have missed it, but i just cannot recall getting the option to uncheck ask toolbar install. I was installing Burnaware Free software.

So there is no solution to it?

Can there be a concept of something like a inbuilt/updated PUPS (Potentially Unwanted Programs) list, based on community feedback (in Defense+) ? That even after giving installer rights while installing a new software, an alert is generated for a dll/service/component that may be unwanted as per community votes?

Threatcast. More… Settings, last tab to join. This can help you - feedbacks about decisions (pro or not), only - but this doesn’t mean you’ll get less popups. Codec packs - such as Ace, k-lite, etc. - aren’t too safe, many can contain illegal stuffs (copyrights), etc. ~ can’t be safe. Try to use ffdshow or vlc media player if you got codec problems ;).