Any way to tell if a backup was successful or not?

I have my backup settings arranged so that if a backup fails, it does nothing…no prompts or re-tries or anything of that sort. I figure that if/when it fails, Ill be able to tell and just re-run the backup.
In the past, Comodo backup would directly tell me if a backup failed or succeeded on the calendar that appears when you click “manage”. Since updating to the latest version, it no longer does this.

If I click each individual schedule backup, it says this:

“Last Run: Never
Last Run Status: -”

However, if I look on my backup drive, the timestamps on the folders are current. For example, I ran a backup today, 10/24/2011 and any of the folders that have been altered since the last back all share have the timestamp of 10/24/2011 so something was clearly backed up and it would appear that the backup succeeded.

Is this a glitch or did I do something to the settings that I am overlooking? ANy way to easily tell if a backup succeeded without having the hunt down time stamps?


Something isn’t right; failures are displayed in the manage tab (red X, failure code).

Yeah thats what I thought. In the past, I always saw a message corresponding to the success or fail of the backup. It does nothing now.

The calendar displays all of my scheduled backups. Windows task scheduler has “the operation completed successfully” next to the schedule so I know that part worked. I also know the backup was running because it was preparing the backup when I left for work this morning.

I come home, Comodo backup is still open, but there is nothing to let me know that its all good.

The whole reason have it set to “If backup is missed: Do nothing” is because a few days ago, I had it set to “If backup is missed: Run it at first chance” and it seemed like it was stuck in a loop. I had 2 schedules set…one for C and the other for D. They were supposed to start at 8:00am but when I got home at 7:00pm, the backup for drive C was still running even though it never took that long before. Its a 60GB SSD thats only half full. 10 hours is a bit much :smiley:

I checked my backup drive and it looked like drive D backed up ok so I let the drive C backup run to finish. After it was done, it immediately started backing up D again despite the fact that D looked to be successful. I pressed “abort” and then it went right back into backing up C…even though C literally finished 10 minutes earlier. ABort again, it started on drive D again. I think you see where Im going with this.

I had to delete both schedules and start over. I have no idea if its still a problem since I switched it to “Do Nothing” now.

I have had some peculiar runs pop up (I had a backup fault and there was nothing in the backup, no source, no destination) and I think its related to the UI.

I was starting to create a new backup job but didn’t finish it until the next day; I believe it was trying to run a partially-completed task. I’ve had a similar experience editing an existing backup task.

The save settings and set schedule buttons aren’t consistently available and the screens are awkward.

Changed some settings around and started a new backup schedule. It started this morning (I saw it running) but when I came home, it says “scheduled task has been missed. do you want to run it now”

I have no idea why. I only have one backup scheduled and it did run. I also checked the backup and its up to date.

This morning while the backup was running, I checked the “manage” tab and viewed the backup description. “Last run time” had todays date listed. Now, it doesnt have it listed at all. Its almost like the program forgot that it ran the backup.