any way to suppress D+ alerts without password protection?

I have tried adding block rules to all applications
The result is everyone get blocked even safe and trusted app like iexplorer.exe

Gaming mode just block all popups, I wanna suppress only D+

I wanna do it without password protection because entering a password any time is annoying me like password to see the log, password to scan a folder, its just pointless

Treating unrecognized files as “Blocked” instead of the default “Partially Limited” will do the trick. And malware that tries to infect will simply be blocked. It won’t even be allowed to execute. :slight_smile:

It’s the perfect PC lock down solution.


i dont wan to block a program, only to block any action over the “partially limited”
if i set to limited of restricted, many game have problems
thats why i wanna a config with no popups an in patially limited
(the only way i know is by making an annoying password)