Any way to stop CIS-created tasks from being created/recreated?

CIS creates three tasks in XP’s task scheduler. I want to remove them and prevent them from getting recreated. I’ve tried deleting them but CIS keeps putting them back. Anyone know how to do this? (this is probably the wrong area for this question, so excuse me in advance). Thanks, Bob

Try disabling them from the UI or see if disabling the task rather than removing them does the trick.

I’ve disabled them.

Something in the task scheduler is pinning the cpu to 99%. I’ve traced it as far as SCHEDSVC.DLL. The only thing in scheduler is the 3 disabled CIS tasks. I want to get rid of them to see if they’re the cause of the problem. If I disable the scheduler completely the problem goes away. But I’ve got some things I want to use it for.

Is there a way, via the CIS UI, to remove the tasks?

I think you have to disable the tasks in the UI first before you will be able to remove them without them returning.

Had a look though CIS and so far can’t locate where the 3 tasks are controlled from. I’m going to have another look at it tonight. Thanks.

Just thinking out loud. What happens with the CPU usage of SCHEDSVC.DLLwhen disabling the tasks?

So far I’ve got the two CIS tasks disabled. They’re the only tasks in Task Scheduler. Left this way SCHOST.EXE pins the CPU to 99% when SCHEDSVC.DLL runs (happens about a minute after booting). The CPU stays at 99% and the sys locks up. Removing the 2 tasks would get them out of the way. I don’t know the CIS UI well enough to turn the tasks off. The scheduler has a log file but so far no errors show up. I’m trying to find a way to increase the logging level for more details. Thanks, Bob

To disable AV and program updating tasks see:Configure Program and Virus Database Updates. To disable the automatic AV scan look under Scan Profiles. The last step is to disable the cache builder task Run cache builder when computer is idle. The last step is to disable the cache builder task Run cache builder when computer is idle.

As far as I know there is no setting in the UI for the COMODO Autostart Task. Does CIS also put this key back when you remove it?