Any way to return all settings to default?

I’m really getting tired of this learning curve and about to abandon CFP

Is there a way, short of uninstalling and then reinstalling, to reset CFP to all default settings?

I am not qualified to say the following information

Open up Comodo and follow this list of clicks

Firewall>Advanced>Firewall Behavior Settings
What you suggest is that your current settings here is set to Training Mode, remove it from this by making it higher [I don’t recommend making it lower at all]. Safe Mode is what I personally have it set to at the moment.

Defense+>Advanced>Defense+ Settings
And change that from what seems to be the current setting of Training Mode, to Clean PC Mode.

From there, I am unable to help you on how to engage Default settings. Thou the help file seems to have a lot of information about what is default in the program.

Go to Miscellaneous\Manage My Configuration. Select Optimal Security. Apply and reboot.