Any way to prevent updating over 3G?


Does anyone know of a way to stop Comodo Internet Security updating when I’m on a 3G connection? I’d like to do this for a few reasons:

  1. It takes a long time
  2. It slows the whole computer down considerably while it does it (this applies regardless of the internet connection, but on 3G I’m more likely to find it annoying!)
  3. I can’t prove it’s Comodo causing this, but the last few times I’ve been on 3G Comodo has told me I’ve found an unexpected bug, then crashed, then a few minutes later the computer freezes (mouse pointer won’t move) and I have to restart.

So - could I set one of its own firewall rules to block it from updating itself?


Welcome. :slight_smile:
Sorry, database updates can’t be disabled.

You can try blocking CIS under Network Security Policy when on G3. And update when on another connection.