Any way to have a scan run when not logged in?

Is there any way to have the Comodo scan run when the computer is on but not logged in? We used to do this with McAfee, leave a system at the CTRL-ALT-DEL screen. McAfee ran as a service, so any scheduled scans could be set to run at night and not during the day. The Comodo scans seem to take far longer than the McAfee scans, even after excluding a ton of directories (we didn’t have to do that with McAfee). :frowning: Typical McAfee scan was about an hour; typical Comodo scan, same system, is over 5 hours and we’ve just continually cancelled out, not to mention it is too intrusive to the user when trying to work while the scan is running.

Any way to fix this?
Running CIS 5.10.2285252.2253, latest updates (12203)
Windows XP sp3 and also an issue on Windows 7 Pro SP1
both systems fully patched and locked down

Thanks in advance!

That would be by running the AV by command line in the Windows Scheduler.
Check the Help files to see if this is currently possible.
I could be wrong but memory says not an option currently.

Bummer, what about in the paid version?

The paid version is ultimately what I am considering moving us to from McAfee. I have the free version on my system now, that’s what I am testing with.

the free version doesnt have any limitations vs the paid version. the paid version comes with some extra services such as geekbuddy and trustconnect. You can compare the different versions here

Thanks for that info, I already looked at that. Well, I guess I will move onto Sophos for evaluation.